Call for proposals: TRANSFORM - Leadership and Transformation Curriculum on Building and Managing Social Protection Floors in Africa Technical support to the Coordination Hub on monitoring and strategic advocacy

TRANSFORM – Technical Support to the Coordination Hub on Monitoring and Strategic Advocacy ( Individual Consultant) Since 2018, the TRANSFORM Coordination Hub has built the leadership skills and social protection technical capacity of over 2000 practitioners across over 15 African countries. In line with the recently launched ILO ROAF Social Protection Strategy 2021 -2025, which specifically foresee capacity building as one of the main areas of intervention for the ILO to ensure extension of coverage to vulnerable groups, the TRANSFORM Coordination Hub based at ILO Lusaka is now seeking to hire an External Collaborator to further support specific areas of development such as monitoring of results and planning and conduct of strategic advocacy, deemed crucial for the progressive expansion and sustainability of the initiative.