ILO Supports SME Development for Women in Nigeria with Training of Trainers Workshop on Improving Exhibition Skills

ILO organises a Training of Trainers workshop on “Improve Your Exhibition Skills” (IYES) to build the capacity of Business Development Services providers supporting female and rural entrepreneurs to successfully organize and participate in trade fairs and exhibitions.

Press release | 13 June 2019

ABUJA (ILO News):  As part of its SME development objective and support for women in business, the International Labour Organisation Country Office Abuja is reinforcing the capacity of local business and development service (BDSPs) providers in the use of its management tool, “Improve Your Existing Skills” (IYES) through training of trainers workshop on the IYES modules to establish trainers in Nigeria. The five day workshop holding from 10-14th June 2019 aims to support business expansion and growth; capacity of local women and men led-MSMEs to access markets and sustain their businesses.  

In his opening statement, Mr Dennis Zulu, ILO Country Office Director welcomed and introduced the participants to the work of ILO on SME development particularly, promoting entrepreneurship for women and in rural areas.  He noted that the importance of the training course towards business development and growth, and highlighted the need for local entrepreneurs in various regions nationwide to promote their products effectively to allow for business growth and expansion beyond Nigeria. He explained that one way to accomplish this is through effective participation in trade fairs and exhibitions. He emphasized on the core responsibility of the workshop participants to roll out the IYES training program and build the capacity of women and rural entrepreneurs to capture trade fair opportunities, successfully organise and participate in trade fairs and sustain their businesses. 

The workshop participants are drawn from NECA’s Network of Entrepreneurial Women (NNEW)- a Network deeply committed to empowering and nurturing entrepreneurship amongst women and a subsidiary of the Nigeria’s Employers Consultative Association, and Abuja Enterprise Agency  (AEA) focused on the development of micro, small and medium enterprises within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), and aimed to assist new and existing entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles to growth through access to finance, proper business planning, developing entrepreneurship skills and suitable work-space. It is FCT vehicle for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) development and poverty reduction. 

Following the conclusion of the workshop, participants will embark of the certification process by providing guidance in marketing, communication and promotional activities through training activities to small-scale women/rural entrepreneurs for their successful participation in trade fairs and exhibitions.


Improve Your Exhibition Skills (IYES)

IYES is a comprehensive course comprising of knowledge skills and tools that seeks to equip participants to provide guidance in marketing, communication and promotional activities to small and medium scale entrepreneurs, so that they can successfully participate in trade fairs and exhibitions; and create market access network. The training also encourages entrepreneurs to identify gender related constraints they might face when trying to access markets.