Organizing out of poverty: stories from the grassroots - How the SYNDICOOP approach has worked in East Africa

The ILO SYNDICOOP approach shows that workers can be organized in a way that offers some improvements in their daily lives and provides the voice that workers need.The stories in this publication describe the difference that this approach has made in East Africa.

The majority of workers in the world today are in the informal economy.
They have no choice in this matter. They are obliged to take whatever job
they can find. It may be hazardous; it may mean they cannot spend time
with their families; it may not match their skills and it almost certainly will not provide earnings much above subsistence level.Informal economy workers rarely benefit from labour inspectorates or social security safety nets. And because they are not organized, they have no representation in the decisions that impact on their lives. They have no ‘voice’.The SYNDICOOP approach offers an alternative.