Press releases

ACTRAV Info sheets are communiqués on positions taken by the International Labour Office affecting workers and on the positions of the Workers' Group within the organization's various forums.


  1. Cotonou: 7th Forum of Workplace Safety and Health Committees

    10 May 2011

  2. Financial Crisis and Wage Policy: Interview with Pierre Laliberté

    09 May 2011

  3. Lomé: Seminar on Freedom of Association and the Challenges to the Unity of the Trade Union Movement in French-speaking Africa.

    06 May 2011

  4. 28 April:World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

    28 April 2011

    On 28 April at ILO headquarters in Geneva, the Bureau for Workers’ Activities held a ceremony to commemorate workers killed and injured at work.

  5. World Day for Safety and Health at Work on 28 April: Interview with Dr Ahmed Khalef

    28 April 2011

  6. Global Labour University and South-south Cooperation: Interview with Frank Hoffer

    27 April 2011

  7. 8th Session of Labour and Social Affairs Commission of the African Union

    22 April 2011

  8. International Labour Standards: Tripartite Meeting examines Convention No. 158 and Recommendation No. 166

    22 April 2011

  9. Turin: Green Jobs Learning Forum

    21 April 2011

  10. Kampala: Training Seminar on HIV/AIDS

    20 April 2011

  11. Technical Cooperation and Development: Interview with Enrico Cairola

    15 April 2011

  12. Lomé: Training Seminar for Gender Audit Facilitators

    06 April 2011

  13. Kigali Seminar on Domestic Work

    28 March 2011

  14. Joint Meeting of the ITUC and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions

    25 March 2011

  15. Climate Change and Labour: Interview with Lene Olsen

    24 March 2011

    The Bureau for workers’ activities (ACTRAV) has published the issue of its International Journal of Labour Research, devoted to sustainable development. At this occasion, the Specialist on Workers’ Activities, Lene Olsen gave somes explanations...

  16. Meeting between the ILO’s Director General and the African members of the Governing Body

    22 March 2011

  17. Trade Union Meeting in Lome

    11 March 2011

  18. Gender: Interview with Trade Unionist Ms Carmen Bravo Sueskun

    08 March 2011

    To mark International Women’s Day on 8 March, we interviewed the Confederal Secretary of the women’s committee of the Trade Union Confederation of Workers’ Commissions (CCOO) in Spain, Ms. Carmen Bravo Sueskun …

  19. World Social Forum: Decent Job Creation as a Way of Tackling the Crisis

    28 February 2011

  20. Situation in the Arab States: Trade Unions Mobilize

    28 February 2011