Press releases

ACTRAV Info sheets are communiqués on positions taken by the International Labour Office affecting workers and on the positions of the Workers' Group within the organization's various forums.


  1. MOLDOVA: Regional Trade Union Gender Network Strengthened

    08 July 2011

  2. ROME: 6th Annual EAST Forum on Competitive Growth, Jobs Policies for Quality, Solutions and Strategies for Development and Employment

    08 July 2011

  3. Master Program on "Labour and Development" in South Africa: 31 July Final Deadline for Applications

    04 July 2011

    The Global Labour University (GLU) is inviting trade unionist and labour activists to apply for a specialized Master programmes on “Labour and Globalization” at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa.

  4. Committee on Domestic Workers: Comments by Barbados Workers’ Delegate

    17 June 2011

  5. Social Protection Committee: the Worker Vice-Chair’s Comments

    17 June 2011

  6. Governing Body: Sir Roy Trotman bows out

    17 June 2011

  7. Committee on Labour Administration: the Worker Vice-Chair’s Comments

    16 June 2011

  8. Committee on the Application of Standards: the Worker Vice-Chair’s Comments

    16 June 2011

  9. Out Now: New Issue of the International Journal of Labour Research

    15 June 2011

  10. The Director-General meets the Workers’ Group

    06 June 2011

  11. Governing Body: Luc Cortebeeck elected

    06 June 2011

  12. 100th Session of the International Labour Conference

    31 May 2011

  13. Luxembourg: Workers’ Academic Symposium Dedicated to 100th ILC Session

    24 May 2011

  14. Vietnam: Symposium on Strengthening the Role and Representation of Workers and Collective Bargaining

    18 May 2011

    ILO’s Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ILO-ACTRAV) took part in a seminar in Hanoi on the strengthening of the role and representation of workers and collective bargaining.

  15. New York: Conference on the Human Right to Organize

    16 May 2011

  16. Khartoum: Seminar on Youth Employment, Governance and Democracy in Africa

    13 May 2011

  17. Singapore: 2nd ITUC Asia-Pacific Congress

    13 May 2011

  18. Cotonou: 7th Forum of Workplace Safety and Health Committees

    10 May 2011

  19. Financial Crisis and Wage Policy: Interview with Pierre Laliberté

    09 May 2011

  20. Lomé: Seminar on Freedom of Association and the Challenges to the Unity of the Trade Union Movement in French-speaking Africa.

    06 May 2011