Press releases

ACTRAV Info sheets are communiqués on positions taken by the International Labour Office affecting workers and on the positions of the Workers' Group within the organization's various forums.


  1. Bahrain: Interview with Abdullah Hussain

    14 November 2012

    Questions and answers with Abdullah Hussain, Assistant General Secretary for Arab and International Relations General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions (GFBTU)and member of ILO Governing Body.

  2. Fiji: Interview with Felix Anthony

    14 November 2012

    Questions and answers with Felix Anthony, National Secretary Fiji Trades Union Congress (FTUC)and member of ILO Governing Body...

  3. Day of Action in Europe: the Workers' group of the ILO expressed its solidarity with the trade union movement

    14 November 2012

  4. The World Bank’s World Development Report 2013: Jobs – Interview with Peter Bakvis

    02 November 2012

    The ILO welcomed the World Bank's World Development Report 2013: Jobs; a timely publication in the midst of the economic crisis. On this occasion, Peter Bakvis, Director of the Washington Office of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) gave his views about this report …

  5. Launch of Social Marketing Campaign for Responsible Working Practices

    01 November 2012

  6. Interview with Dan Cunniah, Director of ACTRAV

    15 October 2012

    After the inauguration of the new Director General of the ILO, Guy Ryder, what are the challenges of the Bureau for Workers' Activities(ACTRAV)? Explanations with Dan Cunniah, Director of ACTRAV ...

  7. Interview with David Edwards, Education International’s Deputy General Secretary

    05 October 2012

    On the occasion of World Teachers' Day, the Deputy General Secretary of Education International, David Edwards highlighted the main challenges faced by workers in the education sector. In this interview, he explains also the role of social dialogue and international labour standards as well as Education International’ expectations vis-à-vis the ILO...

  8. Asia and Pacific: Unions call for greater focus on Collective Bargaining

    27 September 2012

  9. Trade Union Youth in India join hands to campaign ratification of ILO Conventions Nos.87 and 98

    20 September 2012

  10. ILO concerned with continuing trade union rights restrictions in Korea

    18 September 2012

  11. Interview with Zakari Koudougou, Regional Secretary of UNI Africa

    04 September 2012

    The Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV) has been promoting several activities in support of trade union actions in trying to organize in multinational companies, using the ILO’s MNE Declaration and its standards. In September 2011 a meeting was organized which brought together UNI Africa affiliates, who discussed strategies for organizing in the different countries covered by telecommunications giant MTN (the only African global telecom carrier). The workshop took place in Johannesburg, with a strong representation of the confederal centres affiliated to ITUC–AFRICA, with local high-level representation from the ILO’s Pretoria Office, and with the participation of Anna Biondi, ACTRAV’s Deputy Director and focal point for MNEs, as well as Kristi Drew from TUAC who addressed the newly revised OECD Guidelines. The following is an interview with Zakari Koudougou, Regional Secretary for UNI Africa, who led the UNI delegation.

  12. Thailand: 15 unions sign a petition for the ratification of ILO Conventions Nos. 87 and 98

    01 September 2012

  13. The ILO hopes that Thailand will ratify Conventions Nos. 87 and 98

    30 August 2012

  14. International Labour Conference 2012: interview with Luc Cortebeeck, Worker Vice-Chairperson of the Governing Body

    15 June 2012

    The 101st session of the International Labour Conference ended with the adoption of a new Recommendation on social protection and a call for democracy in Myanmar. Luc Cortebeeck, Worker Vice-Chairperson of the Governing Body, reviews the highlights of this Conference – the last one in which Juan Somavia took part as Director-General of the International Labour Office. Elected as Juan Somavia's successor is Guy Ryder.

  15. International Labour Conference 2012: Aung San Suu Kyi meets the Workers' Group

    14 June 2012

  16. International Labour Conference 2012: reactions from Mody Guiro of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC-Africa)

    14 June 2012

    What does social protection mean to African workers? And what about youth employment and social dialogue in Africa? ACTRAV INFO raised these issues with Mody Guiro, the President of the African Regional Organization of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC-Africa). We spoke to him after the 101st session of the International Labour Conference, which has just ended in Geneva.

  17. International Labour Conference: Workers’ Group Statement on Tunisia

    14 June 2012

    The Workers' Group has been monitoring with deep concern the latest violence in Tunisia triggered by fundamentalist groups in an attempt to undermine democratic values in the home of the Arab Spring.

  18. Welcome Changes in Burma on Forced Labour and Freedom of Association: Cautious Optimism by FTUB

    12 June 2012

    "The ILO Supervisory Mechanism does work." This was the sentiment echoed by all when at last some concrete steps were seen with regard to the long-standing problems of forced labour in Burma. A Commission of Inquiry was established by the ILO in 1996 to examine instances of forced labour in Burma. Since then the ILO’s Governing Body, in tripartite discussions, have followed up on the implementation of the Recommendations of the Inquiry. Only this year we have seen some changes and at this Conference the ILO will consider removing sanctions and other measures that were taken to force the Government to implement the recommendations. In other developments, direct talks have been established between government officials and the FTUB, including its leader Maung Maung. The following interview with Maung Maung reflects some of his thoughts on the recent developments.

  19. ILC: the Workers' Group pays tribute to Juan Somavia

    04 June 2012

  20. A new social contract for Europe?

    04 June 2012

    Questions and answers with Vasco Pedrina, author of “The Eurocrisis and the European trade union movement.