ILO reform process

Ryder: Decent Work and labour standards central to the global economy

The ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder, addresses the workers delegates attending the 102nd session of the International Labour Conference.

Press release | 07 June 2013
GENEVA- ILO Director-General Guy Ryder stressed the importance of Decent Work and labour standards during his first meeting with workers delegates at the 102nd International Labour Conference, which takes place from 5 to 20 June.

Ryder underlined that the ILO will work to give better services to its constituents, saying: “We are in the process of making the ILO an Organization which brings together the highest quality of critical analysis, research in the world of work and an Organization which is better placed to provide services to trade unions, employers’ organizations and governments.”

“The process of change we are pursuing within the ILO is designed to ensure we are better placed to serve trade unions and their members. Our aim is to make decent work a central element of policy-making and ensure a minimum of social justice in the global economy,” he added.

Ryder spoke about the tragedy of the garment factory building collapse in Rana Plaza in Dakha, which killed 1,130 workers, and welcomed the accord on Building and Fire Safety in Bangladesh - signed by international trade unions, apparel brands and retailers.

He also called for the support of the ILO standards supervisory mechanism to protect the rights of working people.

“We need a supervisory system which has the support of all parties in the ILO to maintain its authority and its capacity to define and protect the rights of working people in the Global economy,” concluded Ryder.

During the two and a half week conference, around 5000 delegates representing governments, workers and employers from the ILO’s 185 Member States will discuss issues including social protection in an ageing world, sustainable development, decent work and social dialogue.

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