Precariousness in the World of Work: Director-General Juan Somavia calls for a Global Movement for Decent Work

Press release | Genève | 04 October 2011

Geneva, 4 October 2011 (ACTRAV INFO)-The Director-General of the International Labour Office, Mr Juan Somavia, speaking at the opening of the International Symposium on Policies and Regulations to Combat Precarious Employment, called for a global movement for decent work.

In his speech, Mr. Somavia proposed that a movement for decent work be launched in order to combat precariousness. The ILO’s Director-General emphasized that, “to combat precariousness, the financial system must be made to serve the real economy”.

“One of the main sources of precariousness is the high unemployment rate during the crisis, which deters workers from making demands. We therefore need to find ways of creating decent jobs with greater involvement from small and medium-sized enterprises”, said Mr. Somavia.

He said that ILO would tackle the issue of precariousness in a tripartite framework. “At the ILO level, we will reflect in a tripartite framework on the solutions and ideas for combating precarious work that are proposed at this symposium”, he said.

The International Symposium on Precarious Work was organized by the ILO’s Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV), whose mandate is to strengthen representative, independent, and democratic trade unions in all countries.

For more information, see ACTRAV Symposium on Precarious Work (4-7 October, 2011)