12th African Regional Meeting

Press release | Johannesburg | 31 August 2011

Geneva, 31 August 2011(ACTRAV INFO) – The ILO’s 12th African Regional Meeting will be held in Johannesburg on 11-14 October.

Among the items for discussion will be the Director-General’s report, entitled Empowering Africa’s Peoples with Decent Work.

Other topics will also be discussed, in particular the issue of basic labour rights on the African continent.

“Workers’ basic rights, freedom of association and collective bargaining are of concern in Africa,” explained ACTRAV African regional coordinator Rawane Mbaye. “While Africa is the champion in terms of ratifying Conventions 87 and 98, there has been no let-up in the violations of these two Conventions. The national legislations are not always in line with these two Conventions”, he added.

“The minimum wage, working conditions, gender equality and the challenges posed by the continent’s informal economy will also be among the issues discussed at this meeting in Johannesburg,” added M. Mbaye.

For more information, contact:

Rawane MBAYE
Specialist in workers’activities
Desk Officer for Africa
Tel : +41 22 799 7616
Email : mbaye[at]ilo[dot]org