China: International Seminar on Collective Bargaining at Branch/Sector Level

Press release | Harbin City | 26 August 2011

Harbin City, 26 august 2011(ACTRAV INFO)-The Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV), together with All China’s Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) held a joint seminar on Collective Bargaining at Branch/Sector Level in Harbin City, Hei Longjiang Province, from 24 to 25 august 2011.

The main objective of this seminar was to focus on sharing international experiences on collective bargaining, particularly at industrial or sectoral levels. The seminar aimed at helping the ACFTU in promoting industrial or sectoral collective bargaining in China. The participants exchanged their experiences in order to strengthen organizational capacity of ACFTU unions to carry out sectoral and regional bargaining.

Many international experts, including officials from the ITUC, participated as resource persons in the programme.

Recently, China has enacted a number of new laws to protect workers, including the Labour Contract Law (2008), the Labour Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Law (2008) and the Contract Labour Law (2008).

The outcome of the seminar will become a valuable input for a policy discussion among tripartite partners, scheduled for November 2011.

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