Committee on Labour Administration: the Worker Vice-Chair’s Comments

Press release | 16 June 2011

Geneva, 16 June 2011 (ACTRAV INFO) - Sam Gurney, the Worker Vice-Chairperson of the Committee on Labour Administration, called for workers to be protected through the strengthening of countries’ labour inspection and administration.

The Committee’s conclusions, he said, “are strong and unequivocal on the essential point that labour administration and inspection need to cover all workers – those in the formal economy and in the informal economy, those in rural and agricultural employment, home-based workers and, crucially, in the light of the new Convention, domestic workers (…)”. He was speaking during the adoption of the Committee’s report.

He added that labour administration and inspection must also cover “workers in subcontracted, outsourced, disguised and triangular employment relationships, workers in the public sector, migrant workers and those who have been posted across borders, and workers in extended global supply chains, including in export processing zones”. And the systems must “combat child labour and forced labour”.

On the workers’ behalf, he called for the strengthening of social dialogue and tripartism at the national level.

As regards labour administration and inspection, “we also reaffirmed the key points that these services are public functions; that labour and employment ministries must be at the heart of policy development at a national level to ensure coherent government approaches that deliver job-rich growth and decent work; that genuine, timely and effective social dialogue and tripartite working is essential to ensure their effective operation, as is effective enforcement and sanctions where appropriate.”

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