Governing Body: Sir Roy Trotman bows out

Press release | 17 June 2011

Geneva, 17 June 2011 (ACTRAV INFO) – Governing Body Vice-Chairperson Sir Roy Trotman has taken his leave of the ILO after many years of service.

“I have to look to the Workers’ benches,” he commented, “and to my own small country of Barbados, a country of less than 300,000 people – that is small! – and to reflect on the fact that they have permitted me to join you with your millions, and in the case of two countries, your billions of people, to come here and make the kind of contribution which I feel has helped in the deliberations that we have had from time to time.” He was speaking on the closing day of the 100th session of the International Labour Conference.

After some ten years as Worker Vice-Chair of the Governing Body, Sir Roy reminded his audience of the importance of tripartism within the ILO.

He recalled “being part of the great task we set out to achieve, of bringing about true exchanges between governments, workers and employers. In the Governing Body particularly, we have now achieved an altogether higher level of tripartite social dialogue (…) I have learned that tripartism should be jealously guarded by all of us, and I would hope that if you remember nothing else that I say this morning, you will recall that we have to guard our tripartite form of institution.”

Before leaving Geneva, Sir Roy Trotman wished every success to the new members of the Governing Body, and particularly to his successor, Luc Cortebeeck.

“I wish you Godspeed now,” Sir Roy concluded. “I hope that, as you supported me, you will continue to give that support to those I leave to continue the work of the Workers’ group.”

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