Khartoum: Seminar on Youth Employment, Governance and Democracy in Africa

Press release | 13 May 2011

Khartoum, 13 Mai 2011 (ACTRAV INFO) – The Bureau for Workers’ Activities took part in a seminar in the Sudanese capital on “Youth employment, Governance and Democracy in Africa”.

Young people and women from all regions of Africa had been invited to the event, along with the leaders of the affiliated trade union organizations, in order to discuss young people’s situation and the challenges to be met in terms of employment.

The ILO was represented at the seminar by the Director of its Regional Bureau, Charles Dan.

At the close of his mission in Khartoum, the ACTRAV representative stressed the important role played by the trade union organizations in preventing and resolving conflicts in Africa.

“The support of ACTRAV and the ILO’s other technical departments shows our deep interest in greater involvement by trade union organizations in the elaboration, implementation and evaluation of economic and social policies, but also in democratic governance and the prevention and resolution of conflicts,” commented Rawane Mbaye, ACTRAV’s African regional coordinator.

The seminar was followed by the 34th General Council of the Organization of African Trade Union Unity (OATUU), held in the Sudanese capital on 11-13 May 2011.

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