News from ACTRAV

  1. Promoting Core labour standards and Social Dialogue by effective implementation of the EU Association Agendas in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

    24 September 2019

    Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine are active participants of the EU’s Eastern Partnership programme and have Association Agreements with the EU.

  2. Strong commitment of Unions can protect people with disabilities

    09 May 2019

    Strong commitment of Unions and their ability to build external partnership are needed to reduce decent work deficits for people with disabilities.

  3. Workshop in Armenia to Celebrate the Centenary of the International Labour Organization

    16 March 2019

    On March 14-15, the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia (CTUA) with support of the International Labour Organization organized in Agveran a workshop entitled “The ILO Centenary: Future of Work and the Role of Trade Unions in Promoting Decent Work”.

  4. Perm Hosts the ILO Centenary and the Future of Work Conference

    07 March 2019

    The ILO Centenary and the Future of Work International Conference involving international experts took place in Perm. The event was organised by the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia (FITUR), the International Labour Organization and the Perm Regional Trade Union Council.

  5. International Roundtable on the Role of Trade Union Education in Shaping the Future of Work

    06 March 2019

    A session of the international roundtable “The Role of Trade Union Education in Shaping the Future of Work” was held on March 5 at the Academy of Labour and Social Relations (ALSR) to commemorate the centenary of the institution. The event was attended by representatives of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia (FITUR), International Labour Organisation (ILO), countrywide trade unions as well as educational institutions of both Russian and international trade unions.

  6. Strengthening workers’ voices – ILO trains trade union leaders and lawyers

    19 February 2019

    Trade unions across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) experience that the rights of workers are under threat and have voiced concerns over attempts to undermine organized labour. Although the region has an impressive track record of ratifications of ILO Core Conventions, the concerns over the lack of implementation of laws and lack of access to workers’ rights remain. ILO ACTRAV organized a seminar for trade union leaders and lawyers from CEE on the use of International Labour Standards and the ILO supervisory machinery in addressing deficiencies of workers’ rights on 26-28 November, 2018 in Budapest, Hungary.

  7. “Trade unions need to strategize to reach youth, and vulnerable workers”

    13 November 2018

    Amarjeet Kaur, General secretary, All India Trade Union Congress speaks with the ILO on the role of unions in today’s changing times, and what must be done more to strengthen workers’ rights.

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    ILO: Portugal’s post-crisis policies boosted growth and employment

    12 October 2018

    Successful results were supported by social dialogue between government and the social partners.

  9. End of exit permits for most migrant workers in Qatar welcomed

    04 September 2018

    Qatar introduces new legislation to ensure freedom of movement of migrant workers, advancing its reform agenda.

  10. ILO @ 100: A year of celebration

    03 September 2018

    In 2019, the ILO will celebrate its 100th anniversary. The Centenary will be an opportunity to celebrate the ILO’s achievements and reaffirm its position as the authoritative global organization for the world of work.