Trade Unions in Transformation

Workers'organizations dealing with crisis arising from conflicts and disasters

Trade unions have important challenges ahead of them to stay relevant in the rapidly changing world of work of today and tomorrow.

News | 19 May 2022
At the occasion of the launch of the ILO Training Manual for Workers’ Organizations: Dealing with crises arising from conflicts and disasters, Oliver Jütersonke, the Head of the Research Centre on Conflict, Development & Peacebuilding at the Graduate Institute in Geneva, and Mariela Kohon, Senior International Officer of the United Kingdom Trade Union Congress, share their views on the role of workers’ organizations in dealing with crisis arising from conflicts and disasters. Both Oliver Jütersonke and Mariela Kohon also shed light on examples of collaborations with other trade unions or civil society organizations to join forces in addressing the challenges for workers in situations of conflict and disaster.

In his interview, Oliver shares his thoughts about the role of trade unions in the prevention and mitigation of the effects of conflicts and disasters.

Mariela shares the Unions experience through social dialogue, to address the challenges of conflicts and disasters in the United Kingdom.