Disability and Trade Unions

Strong commitment of Unions can protect people with disabilities

Strong commitment of Unions and their ability to build external partnership are needed to reduce decent work deficits for people with disabilities.

News | 09 May 2019
Participants at the ILO ACTRAV Seminar on Disabilities held in Amman from 15 to 17 April 2019
ACTRAV INFO-Twenty one trade union leaders from eight Arab countries called for more commitment of Unions to promote decent work for people with disabilities in the region.

During a three days seminar held in Amman from 15 to 17th April, participants pointed out the urgent need to strengthen Unions ability to act on decent work deficits, build external partnership and develop advocacy strategies to facilitate the inclusion of people with disabilities in the world of work.

“Building Decent work requires a systemic deficits analysis to disability inclusion in labour institutions as well as in private enterprises said Nezam Qahoush ACTRAV Desk officer for the Arab Region.

Trade Unions leaders reaffirmed their engagement to enhance social dialogue, promote international labour standards and the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

According to participants, people with disabilities faced many obstacles in the Arab region in particular physical barriers in buildings to systemic barriers in the field of education and health, access to social justice, work and integration into the local community. Moreover, people with disabilities in the region are often unaware of their rights and may have difficulty identifying when their rights have or are being violated; or may be reluctant to lodge a complaint due to fear or resignation, and lack of advocacy support.

The Seminar was opened by Dr. Muhammad Al-Azza, Secretary-General of the Higher Council for People with Disabilities Jordan on behalf of HRH Prince Marad Bin Raad Bin Zaid. He expressed his gratitude to the ILO for the seminar which will be “a basis for partnership between trade unions and people with disabilities with respect to decent work”.Other participants included Faustina Van Aperen, ACTRAV focal point on the issue of decent work for people with disabilities,; ILO Amman and Beirut representatives of the Higher Council for the rights of Person with Disabilities in Jordan, the Department of Employment of Minister of Labour, Private Enterprises, Japan International Cooperation Agency, and Humanity and Inclusion organisation.

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