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June 2011

  1. ILO unveils book calling for new thinking on labour issues

    09 June 2011

    The ILO and the Global Labour University have unveiled a new anthology of global labour writing that calls for fresh thinking on key issues ranging from responses to the global economic crisis to globalization, and workers’ rights. The book - entitled “There is an alternative Economic policies and labour strategies beyond the mainstream” will be launched at the International Labour Conference in Geneva.

  2. Panel on “Arab Youth - Aspiring for Social Justice'': Mr. Marouen Cherif, Coordinator of Young Workers in Tunisia

    09 June 2011

    During this panel discussion on DATE, Marouen Cherif (Tunisia), Young Workers’ Coordinator, Tunisian General Union of Labour (UGTT), recalled that the demonstrations in Tunisia were launched under the slogan “work is a right”, and the protests were caused by a number of economic problems, such as regional development inequalities, the lack of a substantial job creation policy, and low purchasing power.

  3. Book Launch “There is an Alternative – Economic Policies And Labour Strategies beyond the Mainstream”: ITUC General Secretary Statement

    09 June 2011

  4. Book Launch “There is an Alternative – Economic Policies And Labour Strategies beyond the Mainstream”: The Director of ACTRAV Statement

    09 June 2011

  5. International Trade Union Confederation: Annual Survey of Violations of Trade Union Rights, 2011

    08 June 2011

  6. The Director-General meets the Workers’ Group

    06 June 2011

  7. Governing Body: Luc Cortebeeck elected

    06 June 2011

May 2011

  1. 100th Session of the International Labour Conference

    31 May 2011

  2. Luxembourg: Workers’ Academic Symposium Dedicated to 100th ILC Session

    24 May 2011

  3. Vietnam: Symposium on Strengthening the Role and Representation of Workers and Collective Bargaining

    18 May 2011

    ILO’s Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ILO-ACTRAV) took part in a seminar in Hanoi on the strengthening of the role and representation of workers and collective bargaining.