ACTRAV Staff List

ILO Headquarters, Geneva

Ms. Maria Helena ANDRE Director
Mr Ariel B CASTRODesk Officer for Asia and Pacific
Ms Liliana CHANG Secretary
Ms Véronique COUTHEREZ Bureau Secretary
Ms Valérie GARNIER Secretary
Ms Anne GASPARINI Administrative Assistant
Mr Sergejus GLOVACKAS Desk Officer for Europe and Central Asia
Ms Anita HERTEREAU Secretary
Ms Mélanie JEANROY Legal and Labour Protection Officer
Mr Grayson KOYI Senior Specialist in Workers Activities
Ms Ursula KULKE Senior Social Protection Specialist 
Ms Claire LA HOVARY Senior Specialist, International Labour Standards and Legal Issues
Mr Khalid  MAMAN WAZIRI Technical Officer
Ms Hilma MOTE Desk Officer for Africa
Ms Lene OLSEN Senior Programme and Operations Specialist
Mr Rafael PEELS Senior Specialist in Workers Activities
Mr Victor Hugo RICCO Senior Specialist in Workers' Activities
Ms Yalile ROVIRA FIGUEROA Conference and Relations Assistant
Mr Mamadou Kaba SOUARE Head, Communications and Publications
Ms Faustina VAN APEREN Senior Relation Specialist
Ms Amanda VILLATORO Desk Officer for the Americas
Mr Michael WATT  Technical Officer

International Training Center of Turin

Ms  Vera DOS SANTOS COSTA Programme Manager
Ms Naome CHAKANYA Activity Manager for Africa
Mr Jesus GARCIA JIMENEZ Activity Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean
Mr Rafael MAPALO Activity Manager for Asia and Pacific
Ms Evelin TOTH Activity Manager for Europe and Arab States



Mr Mban KABU Regional Specialist, Workers’ Education
Ms Wafaa ABDEL KADER Senior Specialist,Workers ‘Activities
Ms Inviolata CHINYANGARARA Senior Specialist, Workers ‘Activities
Mr David Kwabla DORKENOO Senior Specialist, Workers ‘Activities
Ms Marinna NYAMEKYE Senior Specialist, Workers ‘Activities
Ms Kattia PAREDES Senior Specialist, Workers Activities
Mr. Hervé SEA Senior Specialist, Workers ‘Activities

America Latina and Caribe

Ms Maribel BATISTA Regional Specialist, Workers' Education
Mr Juan GUILARTE Senior Specialist, Workers' Activities
Ms. Vera GUSEVA Senior Specialist, Workers' Activities
Ms Monica QUESADASenior Specialist,Workers ‘Activities

Arab States

Mr Mustapha SAID Senior Specialist, Workers ‘Activities

Asia and Pacific

Mr Pong-Sul AHN Regional Specialist, Workers' Activities
Ms Yuki OTSUJI Senior Specialist, Workers ‘Activities
Mr Ravindra Chanaka SAMITHDASA Senior Specialist, Workers ‘Activities

Europe and Central Asia

Mr Gocha ALEKSANDRIA Senior Specialist, Workers Activities
Mr Magnus BERGE Senior Specialist, Workers ‘Activities