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  1. Working paper No. 8

    Social protection in ASEAN: Employer perspectives and recommendations

    12 December 2015

  2. Research note

    A four-country review of labour law reform processes and accompanying social and policy dialogue

    12 December 2015

  3. Publication

    Managing labour mobility: Opportunities and challenges for employers in the ASEAN region

    12 December 2015

  4. Publication

    Social Protection in ASEAN: Employer Perspectives and Recommendations

    01 December 2015

    This paper analyzes the social protection system from the perspective of employers in the four ASEAN countries of Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. It provides an overview of social protection policies relevant to employers, their views on these policies, and overall recommendations for strengthening social protection systems in their respective countries and across the ASEAN region as a whole.

  5. Publication

    A four-country review of labour law reform processes and accompanying social and policy dialogue

    01 September 2015

    This research note examines social and policymaking processes in the labour and social domain in the Asia-Pacific region, predicated principally on a review of processes in four countries, namely Indonesia, the Lao People's Democratic Republic, Mongolia and Sri Lanka.

  6. International conference

    Reflecting Global Change: Women in Business and Management

    An international conference organized by the International Labour Organization (ILO) in partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and hosted by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) on 28th April 2015 in London.

  7. Disaster and conflict resilience

    Needs Assessment for the Private Sector in the Philippines: Disaster, preparedness, response and recovery

    01 January 2015

    Together with ILO ACT/EMP, the Employers' Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) is working to develop strategies and practical tools that can be deployed to enterprises in the Philippines on disaster preparedness, response and recovery. If enterprises are equipped with basic knowledge and prevention tools, they will be able to rebound from disasters, resume normal operations and be able to provide more jobs to people in affected areas. This report provides recommendations for the leadership role ECOP, as the nation's chief representative organization for enterprises, can assume on this front.

  8. Publication

    Formalizing enterprises in Mongolia: Challenges and policy directions

    01 January 2015

    This report is predicated on a research project conducted in 2014 by the ILO, the Mongolian Employers' Federation (MONEF), and the Economic Policy and Competitiveness Research Center (EPCRC). Survey, ancillary research, and report were commissioned to facilitate the national policy discourse on informal economy issues and strategies to address them, referring to detailed information collected from business owners, government officials, and financial and non-financial business service providers in Ulaanbaatar.

  9. Publication

    The road to the ASEAN Economic Community 2015: The challenges and opportunities for enterprises and their representative organizations

    01 May 2014

    The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), scheduled to come into full operation in 2015, presents many challenges and opportunities for enterprises across the region. This ACT/EMP report looks at ways to promote greater understanding among national business and employers' organizations (EOs), and their enterprise members, of the forces that are driving change, especially as these relate to how greater integration will impact workforces and enterprise operations and competitiveness. At this critical juncture, where new priorities and needs are emerging, the report seeks to guide EOs in remaining representative and relevant.