December 2008

  1. Azerbaijan: Productivity and competitiveness

    10 December 2008

    This Handbook was produced within the project "Capacity building of employers' organizations in productivity and competitiveness in Caucasus and Central Asia", which was implemented by the Bureau of Employers' Activities (ACT/EMP) with funding from the Norwegian Government.

December 2006

  1. Employers' organizations and enterprise development in the nformal economy: Moving from informality to formality (adapted from CD-ROM)

    05 December 2006

    Drawing together lessons learned, ACT/EMP has produced a CD-ROM information tool to guide action by employers' organizations in relation to the informal economy. This CD-ROM has been compiled into a PDF. Included are a number of studies done by employers' organizations and descriptions of the different types of action taken. The various interventions are documented and analysed to provide information and reference to help other employers' organizations or business associations to shape their own actions and interventions. The format of these studies is such that readers are able to use the information and material flexibly.

  2. Employers' Organizations and the ILO Supervisory Machinery

    05 December 2006

    This publication contains, among other things, a description of the ILO's supervisory machinery, a summary of the complaints and representations made by employers' organizations, a description of the principles established by ILO supervisory bodies on Conventions No. 87, 98 and 144 and an assessment of the use of the supervisory machinery by employers' organizations. It is addressed to employers' organizations seeking assistance from the ILO standards supervisory procedures, as well as employer representatives acting as members in ILO supervisory bodies.

December 2005

  1. Legal Frameworks for Employers’ Organizations in Eastern European and Central Asian Countries

    03 December 2005

    This publication provides an overview of legislation in countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia related to employers' organizations, ranging from recognition and creation of employers' organizations, their internal organization and external activities, to conditions of suspension and dissolution. Special emphasis is given to a trend in these countries to adopt special laws on employers' organizations. An attempt is made to assess this legislation from the viewpoint of employers'.

November 2005

  1. Employers' organizations & HIV/AIDS: Information, tools and good practices for workplace action against HIV/AIDS

    30 November 2005

  2. A Solution for Members of Employers’ Organisations: the Payroll Administration Services

    30 November 2005

    Examples from Belgium: Social Secretariats and from Bulgaria: Contribution Payment Centres (Regionalna Osigurelna Kassa); Report on workshops and activities held in Sofia, Stara Zagora and Varna in 2005

October 2005

  1. Core training package - Guide Four: Revenue Building

    13 October 2005

    A series of "hand-on" guides to building and managing effective employers’ organizations. Building Employers’ Organization Revenue - Developing adequate and sustainable income streams

  2. Core training package - Guide Three: Advocacy

    12 October 2005

    A series of "hand-on" guides to building and managing effective employers’ organizations. Maximising the Impact of the Voice of Business - Developing and implementing a successful advocacy strategy

  3. Core training package - Guide Two: Strategy

    11 October 2005

    A series of "hand-on" guides to building and managing effective employers’ organizations. A Strategic Approach to the Management of Employers’ Organizations - Developing, agreeing and delivering a sustainable business plan

  4. Core training package - Guide One: Governance

    10 October 2005

    A series of "hand-on" guides to building and managing effective employers’ organizations. Governance in Employers’ Organizations: Designing and implementing sound governance practices