Human resource management: A manual for employer and business membership organizations

Human resource management (HRM) bridges the gap between an organization’s staff and its executive administration. It enables organizations to tackle human resource issues strategically, supporting them to attract and retain talent and assisting their leaders and employees to adapt to organizational change. HRM has a critical role in managing staff and helping EBMOs work effectively and creatively, thereby allowing the organization to better support its members and achieve its mission.

News | 03 October 2023
This manual – consisting of seven stand-alone tools – aims to assist EBMO to transition towards more structured, formal and strategic HRM. The manual contains useful information on the business of HRM and related best practices for EBMOs, based on real-world examples. Although this publication is not intended as a resource for EBMOs to use in providing services or guidance to member companies, the content can be adapted for this purpose.