Indonesian Association of Employers (APINDO) develops Strategy Plan for Membership Reinforcement and Service Provision and Strengthening Institutional Network

News | 25 September 2023
The Bureau for Employers’ Activities and the ILO Country Office For Indonesia supported Indonesian Association of Employers (APINDO) to assess its membership management and service provision and to develop a strategy to improve the capacity of the APINDO secretariat to provide more tailored services, to broaden representation and to strengthen institutional network among provincial and sectoral associations. 

Representatives of APINDO’s national and provincial level associations discussed the findings of the assessment and developed strategies to enhance membership during a workshop held on 18-19 September 2023 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Shinta W. Kamdani, the first Chairwoman of APINDO in its 70-years long history , addressed the participants and highlighted the imperative importance of strengthening APINDO’s membership base if the organization is to enhance its influence and expand the areas of work beyond industrial relations and address sustainable development goals (SDGs), employment and investment policies, new or improved services to meet the current and changing needs of the business and widen its members to include SMEs through the strengthening of networks with provincial associations.

Adam Greene, Deputy Director of the Bureau for Employer’s Activities of the ILO, highlighted the importance of a strong membership base to increase APINDO's influence and legitimacy. He added that the ILO will continue supporting APINDO in the quest to lead Indonesian business in the changing world, to improve business climate and provide workplace and business solutions to members.

Sanchir Tugschimeg, ACTEMP Senior Advisor for Asia and Arab, commended APINDO on the progress it has made over the last 20 years to become one of the strongest and most powerful organizations in Indonesia. She added, these efforts need to be strengthened to harness the representative power and be the legitimate voice of business so that such contribution is anchored in real concerns, needs and priorities of members.

The workshop provided a platform for new leadership of APINDO to take stock of organizational developments, especially at the provincial level, and stimulate thinking on how APINDO can improve service provision and widen membership representation.
ILO ACTEMP and APINDO’s new leadership had also a bilateral meeting to discuss the respective priorities, issues of mutual interest and future cooperation areas. APINDO committed to develop a new vision to expand its areas beyond employment and labour relations towards SDGs. APINDO will actively participate in the implementation of the Global Accelerator roadmap. APINDO will strengthen the capacity of provincial employer’s associations as they are important arms of APINDO's policy advocacy. APINDO will participate is social dialogue to discuss newly emerging agenda including the protection of platform workers.

From APINDO, attended Ms. Shinta Kamdani, Chairwoman, , Eddy Hussy, Vice Chairman, Aloysius Budi Santoso, Secretary General, Ibu Catharina Widjaja, Chair of the International Affairs Committee, Rudolf Saut, Executive Director, Diana M. Savitri, Director of International Strategic Partnership Centre (ISPC) and from the ILO, Adam Greene, Deputy Director, Bureau for Employers’ Activities, Sanchir Tugschimeg, Senior Advisor for Asia and Arab States, Bureau for Employers’ Activities and Mr Dong Eung Lee, Senior Employer Specialist of DWT-Bangkok.

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Sanchir Tugschimeg, Senior Advisor, ACTEMP
Dong Eung Lee, Senior Employer Specialist, DWT-Bangkok