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SADC Private Sector Forum (SPSF) leaps ahead to launch the Southern Africa Development Community Labour Law Guide

On 12 June 2020, the SADC Private Sector Forum (SPSF) launched its ground-breaking SADC Labour Law Guide (LLG), an online tool that provides up-to-date labour laws from the SADC region in one central location.

News | 23 June 2020
This first-of-its-kind digital resource is now accessible on desktop, tablets, and mobiles and is available in three languages, English, French and Portuguese. Work behind the LLG started way back in 2015 when the ILO supported SPSF to compile a Compendium of SADC Labour Laws as a tool to help businesses in the SADC region to overcome challenges of doing business in the sub-region. Most small businesses lamented that; easy access to relevant laws, lack of advisory services and practices that vary from the formal law, are difficult to determine. The tool thus contributes to greater understanding and insight by employers of their legal obligations as well as promotion of decent work principles.

The LLG platform includes a purpose built COVID-19 Dashboard which provides access to regularly updated information under ten key ‘regulatory highlights’, from Enabling Laws to Health & Safety and Goods through Ports to Unemployment Relief, where the pandemic is leaving its mark. The Dashboard is a comprehensive way to keep abreast of both in-country and regional responses and reactions to COVID-19. The information is compiled and maintained through the co-ordinated effort of major legal firms from across the region. The dashboard also displays a comparative look at the state of COVID across SADC, Africa and the rest of the world.

The LLG, which is now available online, brings together all relevant labour law information and COVID-19 regulatory highlights from 15 SADC member countries. It provides access to information on fundamental rights, minimum standards legislation, labour relations, labour market instructions and employment of foreign nations and allows users to:
• Deep dive into the laws and COVID-19 regulatory highlights of a specific country
• Compare any two countries
• See a comparative SADC view of a law or the COVID-19 regulatory highlights
• Download or share any specific information.

The ILO assisted financially with the development of the compendium, translation of the Portuguese and the French versions of the Compendium and then organised the validation workshop February, 2017 bringing together representatives of employer organisations from 14 SADC countries. The ILO also provided technical support to the launch by organising weekly planning meetings of the SPSF during the months of April to June 2020. Technical support also entailed, developing the ToRs, identifying an expert to facilitate the virtual launch and securing keynote speakers who made interventions at the launch.

The virtual launch which brought together around 200 delegates from the media, academia, and the tripartite constituents from SADC countries was hailed as a great success.

In her remarks during the launch, the ACTEMP Director, Mrs Debora France-Massin said: “Organizations are judged on what they deliver today, not yesterday, and the confidence they create among members by the prospects they define and reflect for tomorrow. So,organizations must constantly strive to give more and better value to their members. This is why I applaud SPSF for this ground-breaking initiative.”

One of SPSF members, Nathi Dlamini, Business Eswatini, CEO said, “The Labour Law Guide is the most ingenious and innovative knowledge platform in Africa. I am extremely proud to be associated with the project”

The tool can be accessed by logging into the SPSF website and registering to get to the Guide.