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The New Training Package on Essentials in Occupational Safety and Health (EOSH). An innovative training tool to promote a healthy and safe workplace

The Employers' Activities Program (ACT\EMP) of the International Training Center of the ILO (ITC/ILO) launched the new Essentials in Occupational Safety and Health (EOSH) package.

News | 22 June 2020
The package was completely transformed from a collection of static documents into an interactive and engaging platform. New modules were added, including one on managing health crises and COVID-19, in response to the need to manage the ongoing pandemic and to keep the workplace healthy and safe.

The new EOSH package enables employers and business members' organizations (EBMOs) to set up an innovative training service that can be entirely delivered online, even by those EBMOs that don’t have a learning management system in place. With the new package, EBMOs will be able to take advantage of the ITCILO e-campus infrastructure to start rolling out online training, without having to invest in a costly online platform.

The same applies for other organizations, including ILO projects, UN Agencies, Ministries of labor and private companies, as they can easily implement and cascade their OSH projects and strategies to their beneficiaries and stakeholders. More information about the EOSH package can be found here.

The EOSH package also introduces an online configurator for e-campus. The configurator is an application developed through the fruitful collaboration with colleagues of the Information and Communications Technology Services (ICTS), whereby certified trainers and eventually external customers can create and customize their online course by selecting the relevant modules, making a payment and activating the EOSH course. Although developed for the EOSH, the application will be made available to other programs that may want to offer a customized experience in online learning.

As the new edition of the EOSH package is full of new features and brings new opportunities to EBMOs and other organizations, a simple webpage or a traditional flyer was not enough. Hence, the EOSH open house was organized as a launch event.

From 8 to 19 June, almost 400 participants, representing EBMOs leaders and their staff, trainers, ministries of labor, ILO departments and projects across different regions and companies’ leaders, had free access to the platform to discover the new material and experience the package.

During the two weeks of free access, four webinars were organized to show the key innovations of the new EOSH package, the ways it could be implemented by EBMOs and other organizations’, and its benefits.

Do you want to know more? Contact Sandro and Rachida in ACT/EMP.