Sustainable and resilient enterprises (SURE) Project

The Sustainable and Resilient Enterprises (SURE) training programme has been developed for SMEs who seek to strengthen their resilience in the face of complex and compound natural, bio-environmental, techno-industrial and socio-political hazards. It combines elements of classical business continuity planning with business adaptation strategies.

The overall objective of this project is to develop frameworks and material that can contribute to the strengthening of business resilience among SMEs in selected pilot countries through improved multi-hazard business continuity management measures and consultations between national authorities and the private sector.

The project will contribute to this objective through working towards three outcomes: Outcome 1 – A implementation strategy for the SURE pilot programme is developed and rolled-out, Outcome 2 – EBMOs and other private sector representatives are better equipped to engage in public-private consultations with national authorities to promote business resilience initiatives; and Outcome 3 – EBMOs and BDS providers have strengthened their capacities to provide SMEs with better access to BCM tools, training and coaching services.