Driving action, scale, and sustainability through collaboration

ILO Global Business Network on Forced Labour

The International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Global Business Network on Forced Labour (GBNFL) brings together the ILO with businesses of all sizes and sectors, and their networks, from around the globe to eradicate forced labour.

Operating across all sectors, and geographies, ILO GBNFL members work to engage smaller enterprises, develop actionable resources and tools, and devise local solutions that help shape national frameworks to create lasting change.

Visit www.flbusiness.network for more information.

Key Focus Areas


Break silos by linking up business actors from across sectors and geographies to eradicate forced labour.


Support businesses to engage with other relevant stakeholders, including government bodies, to find sustainable solutions to the structural drivers of forced labour.


Create spaces where members identify gaps, develop new ways of tackling forced labour, and devise methods to scale up solutions.


Share user-friendly and action-oriented data, information and resources to help busy businesses take steps to tackle forced labour.

Get Involved

ILO GBNFL members are businesses of all sizes and sectors, employer and business membership organizations, industry trade groups and sectoral associations. Other business-led initiatives with complementary mandates and expertise are encouraged to join as partners.

By joining the ILO GBNFL members are called on to:
  • Eradicate. Take concrete steps to eradicate forced labour in all its forms in their organizations, supply chains, member organizations, sectors and beyond
  • Advocate for a comprehensive and coordinated response to forced labour, including in dealings with government bodies
  • Uphold the principles of inclusivity and collaboration when working with other stakeholders to end forced labour
To learn more about getting involved, please contact fl-businessnetwork@ilo.org

Interactive Map for Business of Anti-Human Trafficking Organizations

With support from ILO GBNFL, United Nations Global Compact, the Global Business Coalition Against Trafficking, and the RESPECT Initiative (comprised of the Global Initiative, Babson College's Initiative on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery, and IOM) partnered to provide a unified resource of information of organizations working with the private sector to eliminate human trafficking, forced labour and child labour.

The Interactive Map for Business of Anti-Human Trafficking Organizations is a resource for companies to navigate emerging partners and resources; for all anti-trafficking organisations; and the general public to improve coordination on the eradication of modern slavery, and a baseline from which existing and newly formed initiatives can move forward. Visit: http://www.modernslaverymap.org/

Alliance 8.7

ILO GBNFL reaches across sectors and geographies to advance the business case for an end to forced labour. The network is aligned with, and contributes to, other relevant international initiatives, in particular Alliance 8.7, the global partnership working to deliver on SDG Target 8.7 and eradicate all forced labour by 2030.

To learn more about the Alliance 8.7, please visit www.alliance87.org