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Youth employment

Employers have a strong interest and an increasing commitment to promoting youth employment.

Young people represent both current and future employees, investors, and consumers, creating an important opportunity for business. Ultimately, enterprises need skilled human capital to grow and thrive, and the supply of youth talent is critical for business to compete and grow in a competitive and rapidly changing environment. 

Today’s youth is well-educated and represents the labour force of tomorrow. However, there are approximately 73 million unemployed youth globally. Youth unemployment remains a pressing economic, social and political issue affecting peace, stability, security and the development path of almost every country. In many countries it is young women who are often disproportionately affected and face longer or more difficult transitions to working life.

Working to curb youth unemployment and create opportunities for young people can help business to address its current and future skills needs. The Bureau for Employers' Activities aims to strengthen the capacity of Employer and Business Membership Organizations (EBMOs) to proactively address youth employment by: 
  • advocating for a business environment conducive to job creation, enterprise development and growth;
  • enhancing employability of young people through better education, vocational and skill training policy and programmes;
  • promoting youth entrepreneurship; and
  • promoting equal opportunities for young women and men.