Policy design for unemployment benefits in Myanmar: The Social Security Law, 2012, and Social Security Rules, 2014

The National Social Security System in Myanmar is regulated by the Social Security Law, 2012 (SSL), which amended the Social Security Act, 1954. The SSL was enacted on 31 August 2012, and came into force on 1 April 2014. In accordance with the provisions of the SSL , the Government and the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security (MOLES) adopted the implementing regulations – the Social Security Rules, 2014 (SSR) – on 2 April 2014, and as a result, the gradual implementation of social security schemes commenced.

The SSL established the Unemployment Benefit Insurance System, though it had not yet been implemented as of the time of writing this paper. In 2020, the Government of Myanmar requested assistance from the ILO in the implementation of this system.