Domestic workers

Making decent work a reality for domestic workers: Organizing and empowering domestic workers through skills trainings, awareness raising and community advocacy

The report assesses the key achievements, challenges and lessons learnt of the ILO’s Developing International and Internal Labour Migration Governance (DIILM) project supported by Livelihoods and Food Security Fund (LIFT).

Over a period of five years, the DIILM project worked with civil society and labour organisations to advocate for the recognition of domestic work as work with labour protection. These organisations then developed and delivered training and empowerment activities with and for domestic workers. Throughout the project, technical support was provided to Parliamentarians regarding legal protection of domestic workers resulting in a Parliamentarian Committee drafting a bill in consultation with domestic workers and their support groups. The paper documents the processes, challenges and achievements in making changes to the lives of domestic workers, amplifying their voices and supporting the development of legal protection.