Evaluation of the operations of the Social Security Board, Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security of Myanmar

The Social Security Board (SSB) was created in 1956 after the adoption of the Social Security Act, 1954. The SSB has 77 township offices covering 110 townships (i.e. 30% of the existing townships). It is present in all States and regions to the exception of Chin State. In 2012, the Government of the Union of Myanmar adopted a new Social Security Law, 2012. This new law provides for an extended social security system.

The Social Security Board is progressively implementing the new law. In April 2014, the SSB started the implementation of the new contribution and benefit levels for the existing benefits (medical care, sickness, maternity and work injury) as well as the collection of contributions for the new family benefits. The main objective of the present report is to provide a picture of the SSB operations and assess the way basic social security functions are conducted at the moment. It aims at understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the SSB in relation to the application of the new social security schemes established by the new Social Security Law, 2012. The final objective of the report is to identify the threats and opportunities for the evolution of the SSB and propose concrete recommendations for
the improvement of the schemes design and implementation.