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  1. ILO begins its Centenary year in 2019

    23 January 2019

    2019 marks the International Labour Organisation’s 100th anniversary. This makes the ILO older than the United Nations, one of the oldest international organisations active and relevant today, and still unique in its tripartite structure.


  1. ILO: Social protection coverage has improved in ASEAN, but migrant workers remain among the least protected

    18 December 2018

    Despite considerable progress made in the expansion of social security coverage of migrant workers in ASEAN, migrant workers remain among the least protected, says the International Labour Organization (ILO) in a new study.

  2. Rebuilding trust between communities by boosting skills

    13 December 2018

    In Myanmar’s Rakhine State, the ILO is supporting the local government and the Department of technical vocational training (TVET) to put in place inclusive skills development programmes not only to help local job seekers boosting their skills and finding employment, but also to rebuild trust among communities segregated by discrimination and violence.

  3. ILO supports ASEAN safe migration campaign

    13 December 2018

    The ASEAN Safe Migration Campaign #SafeMigrationASEAN was launched to raise public awareness on safe labour migration that benefits all.

  4. Myanmar apparel: ILO project helps factories to improve efficiency and productivity

    11 December 2018

    Garment manufacturing involves various operations carried out by different operators at different stations. If not executed efficiently, these operations may jeopardize productivity, cause economic loss, and ultimately damage workplace relations.

  5. New digital service “SaverAsia” helps migrant workers save when sending money home

    10 December 2018

    A new free digital platform helps migrant workers compare money transfer costs and locate support organizations.

  6. First-ever Career Market Place takes place in Rakhine State

    07 December 2018

    Hundreds of young people visited the first-ever Career Market Place of Myanmar's Rakhine State. The ILO was among the many training providers to showcase their opportunities and draw attention to the increased demand for skilled young people who are looking for jobs in the region.

  7. ILO certified SCORE trainers bring innovation to Myanmar factories

    28 November 2018

    Over 100 Myanmar factory owners and managers attended an event where ILO certified SCORE consultants presented SCORE Training, a training and consulting package designed to improve the performance of small and medium sized factories.

  8. Myanmar garment industry managers trained on fair HR procedures

    20 November 2018

    The ILO has teamed up with twenty garment factories in Yangon to promote positive and sound industrial relations at the workplace level, and to build confidence between workers and employers through good HR practices.

  9. Persistent decent work deficits in Asia-Pacific cast a shadow on the region’s growth, says ILO

    16 November 2018

    Working poverty, informality and vulnerable employment are amongst the persistent challenges of Asia-Pacific labour markets according to a new ILO report. The report calls for coordinated policies to promote decent work as the link to translate economic growth into sustainable development in the region.