ILO 100th anniversary

2019 will mark the International Labour Organization’s 100th anniversary. This makes the ILO older than the United Nations, one of the oldest international organisations active and relevant today, and still unique in its tripartite structure.

Date issued: 17 January 2022 | Size/duration: 00:06:05
The centenary will be an opportunity not only to look back and to celebrate the ILO’s history and achievements but also to look forward to its future. Our centenary activities will provide a unique platform to show the relevance of the ILO’s social justice mandate and decent work agenda, and to give orientation to the Organization to meet the challenges of its second century.

The creation of the ILO in 1919 commenced with the preliminary work on drafting of the ILO Constitution in January 1919 followed by its adoption in June 1919 and the first meeting of the International Labour Conference and ILO Governing Body in November 1919. Our centenary year will recognise these as well as with many other key dates in the ILO’s history.