ILO-GIP project closing presentation

After delivering training to thousands of workers, trade union representatives and managers in the Myanmar garment sector, the ILO-GIP is wrapping up in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. As the project is unable to host a concluding event, it has put together a presentation meant to highlight the work done, pay tribute to it ssocial partners and training services providers and thank its donors.

Presentation | 30 June 2020
The ILO Garment Industry project started operating in February 2017.

It since delivered hundreds of training activities on an array of labour relations related topics to some 15,000 workers, supervisors, nurses, trade union members, and management representatives in its 20 participating garment factories, through the services of a number of local training partners.

The project has concluded in May 2020, in the midst of the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic. The current situation has prevented the project team to organize a face-to-face closing event which would have provided the ILO with an opportunity to highlight the project’s accomplishments, and also thank the many partners the project has worked with during the past 38 months.

Nonetheless, with the goal to pay tribute to the work done and the involvement of so many, the ILO GIP team has prepared this dynamic presentation as a testimony that, with good ideas, committed partners, hard work and donors’ support, a lot can be done to improve labour relations in the Myanmar garment industry.

We invite you to follow this presentation to gain an overview of the project accomplishments.