Skills and employability in Myanmar

Skills for Improvement of Livelihoods, Economic Opportunities and Security in Myanmar Rakhine State


This project aims for an integrated policy for skills development in Myanmar Rakhine State that would prepare the workforce and local businesses for current and future skill needs, in a way that is inclusive of poor and rural households and closely involves the private sector at all stage.

This is part of the holistic approach of the ILO on skills development in Rakhine State aiming to address strengthening the TVET policy, strategy and systems, with focus on the formal TVET system. It will also contribute to the implementation of the recommendations of the Rakhine Advisory Commission that highlights the need to develop a comprehensive TVET strategy in Rakhine State, especially for women and youth.

This project is funded by the Livelihoods Support Trust Fund (LIFT) administered by UNOPS.


  • To support the Rakhine State Government to devise inclusive policies related to TVET for improved skills development and enhancing employment opportunities;
  • Improve and strengthen the current TVET institutions in Rakhine State with focus on Government TVET institutions;
  • Develop and implement a diversified and flexible approach to skills development;


  • Inclusive TVET strategy and plan for Rakhine State;
  • Modalities on collaboration with private sector to improve quality, inclusiveness and increase relevance of the training;
  • Increased capacity of TVET institutes in Rakhine to implement labour-market responsive short term training courses;
  • Support to private sector to address their training needs;
  • Enhanced skills standards, curriculum and training materials;
  • Human resource development, procurement and financing plans for Government TVET institutes;
  • TVET training programmes implemented either in-school or through various approaches to increase outreach;
  • Post-training support provided to trainees;

Expected outcome

It is envisaged that the project will be able to contribute to increased employability of young women and men in Rakhine State, and for Rakhine State Government to have a comprehensive and labour market responsive approach to TVET and employment.

Contact Person: Mr. Rory Mungoven, Liaison Officer