March 2017

  1. ILO and Gallup launch landmark report on women and work

    8 March 2017

    On March 8, the report was launched at the Gallup headquarters in Washington, DC, with the presence of ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder, the CEO of Gallup, Jim Clifton, and a distinguished panel that presented their views on the report findings and their personal knowledge and experiences on women at work.

February 2017

  1. ILO Washington addresses the human dignity conference at Georgetown University

    27 - 28 February 2017

    On February 27-28, 2017, Director Nancy Donaldson participated in the Human Dignity Conference "Insecurity, Fraying World Order & Human Dignity" organized by Georgetown University. This conference brought together scholars and practitioners to examine how insecurity from violence, terrorism, and economic globalization is fuelling marginalization and undercutting human dignity. The conference also discussed conceptual, institutional, and policy solutions to advance economic security and human dignity under globalization.

April 2016

  1. © PAHO 2017

    World Day for Safety and Health at Work: "Workplace stress: a collective challenge"

    28 April 2016

    On April 28, in observation of World Day for Safety and Health at Work, Mr. Erick J. Zeballos, ILO Washington Deputy Director, spoke at the event organized by the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO). This year’s theme focused on Workplace stress: A collective challenge for all the Americas. Mr. Zeballos participated in the webinar, "Workplace Stress: A Collective Challenge for All in the Americas," where he briefly spoke about the latest ILO report “Workplace Stress: A Collective Challenge”, and highlighted the importance of developing strategies for the prevention of psychological risks and the promotion of mental health at work.

  2. © Democracy in Africa 2017

    2nd Annual AGOA CSO Network

    15 April 2016

    At the 2016 Spring Meetings held by the World Bank and the IMF, Nancy Donaldson joined a distinguished panel of experts at an event organized by civil society organizations focused on African growth and development. The panel explored ways for the African continent to maximize the opportunity of the provisions of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). At the heart of the conversation was the prioritization of the decent work agenda to ensure that African economies are not just growing, but also creating quality jobs and protecting workers’ rights.

November 2015

  1. Breakfast Discussion with Myrtle Witbooi

    3 November 2015

    The ILO Washington Office hosted a lively discussion with Myrtle Witbooi, president of the International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF). The event brought together representatives from the U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S. Department of State, the National Domestic Workers Alliance, the International Finance Corporation, the World Bank Group, and the International Labor Rights Forum, among others.

October 2015

  1. Lott Carey Human Trafficking Summit

    19 October 2015

    On October 19, the Director of the ILO Washington Office, Nancy Donaldson, participated as a speaker during a 2-day Summit on Human Trafficking organized by Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention at the Lutheran Church of the Reformation in Washington, DC. Ms. Donaldson focused her remarks on the different aspects of human trafficking such as child labor in the cocoa farms, migrant workers, domestic workers and supply chains. She also briefly touched upon the discussions that took place during the Out of the Shadows Conference held earlier this year, which focused on federal, state, and local efforts to address labor exploitation.

  2. International Labor Standards in Global Supply Chains

    6 October 2015

    ILO Washington Deputy-Director, Erick J. Zeballos, spoke at the class of International Worker Rights and Development in Georgetown University. Mr. Zeballos talked about labor rights concerning globalization and emphasized the importance of compliance with labor standards in global supply chains, including Export Processing Zones (EPZs). By giving an example of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Negotiation and other trade negotiations, he underscored that sustainable supply chain performance begins with respecting and protecting workers’ rights.

June 2015

  1. World Bank Event: “Are Sweatshops Profit Maximizing? No. Evidence from Better Work Vietnam”

    18 June 2015

    On June 17, Erick Zeballos, ILOWAS Deputy Director discussed the results of research presented at a World Bank seminar on the correlations between improved working conditions and firm profitability.

May 2015

  1. Book Presentation: New ILO Publication was presented at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Economic Policy Institute (EPI)

    20 May 2015

    On May 19 and 20 ILO economists Janine Berg and Susan Hayter presented the book- Labor Markets, Institutions and Inequality: Building Just Societies in the 21st Century at the IMF and EPI, respectively.

  2. Working for All? New Ideas and Innovative Strategies to Enhance Economic and Social Benefits in Trade Agreements

    15 May 2015

    On May 14, ILO Washington co-hosted a conference in cooperation with the Canadian, Flemish and Swiss Governments, the European Commission, the Research Department of the ILO and the George Washington University Institute for International Economic Policy on trade and labor issues.