Implementing labor principles in global supply chains

Those involved in global supply chains agree that compliance with labor principles is key to the way the world does business today, and that fair and decent treatment of workers is embedded in consumer choices and is both a social and a business imperative.

Multinational enterprises have been multiplying efforts in assessing and re-addressing labor issues in their supply chains, for more than a decade now. These efforts and the backdrop of codes of conduct, multistakeholder codes and sourcing policies used to vehicle them, are informed greatly by the principles embodied in the ILO's international labor standards (ILS) These principles are, in fact, the basis on which labor compliance is interpreted and assessed.

The ILO, in partnership with others stakeholders, has been involved in technical cooperation projects aiming at achieving sustainable and continuous improvement of labor standards in global supply chains. The ILO Washington office works with our social partners to bring attention to the issue and find ways to engage in meaningful collaboration.

105th International Labor Conference

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    Committee on Decent work in global supply chains