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Conditions of Work and Employment Series No. 41

Wage-led growth: Concept, theories and policies

Type: Working paper
Date issued: 05 November 2012
Reference: 2226-8952[ISSN]
Authors: M. Lavoie, E. Stockhammer

This paper argues that the polarization of income distribution and the decline in the wage share play an important role in the generation of unbalanced and fragile growth. The authors examine the possibility of an alternative path, a wage-led growth strategy, which is likely to generate a much more stable growth regime for the future.

Tags: working conditions, remuneration, minimum wage, low wages, economic growth, investment, developed countries, developing countries

Regions and countries covered: Global

Unit responsible: Conditions of Work and Equality (WORKQUALITY)

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Wage-led growth: Concept, theories and policies


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