Age discrimination and older workers: Theory and legislation in comparative context, Conditions of Work and Employment Series No. 20

The growth in number and proportion of older people in many countries around the world has lead to growing concerns about existing social policies and whether they are equitable to all parts of society. Pressures on retirement pension systems have been met with calls from a number of policymakers to simply raise retirement ages and extend working life. This assumes a simple extension of the status quo for older workers in the labour market, which may not be in tune reality. In order to adequately address the concerns of older workers a number of policy tools must be considered in order to address inequities in the labour market. One policy tool that has received increasing the attention of policymakers has been age discrimination legislation. Age discrimination legislation can help to not only extend working lives for older workers who are able and choose to continue work, but also to help ensure decent conditions of work and employment for those who are looking for work.