Equal sharing of responsibilities between women and men, including caregiving in the context of HIV/AIDS

The paper presents current work-family issues and a range of policy initiatives designed by ILO constituents to increase equal sharing of responsibilities between women and men in public and private life around the world. These initiatives include policy research; adopting and implementing gender-sensitive labour legislation and social security benefits related to leave and working time; promoting family-friendly employment policies; providing public services (such as child care and elder care institutions) and social infrastructure to reduce time burdens (public transportation and access to energy sources and water). Moreover, the paper shows that awareness-raising campaigns and education programmes as well as anti-discrimination legislation are essential for the eradication of discriminatory stereotypes at work and ensuring the equal distribution of family and work responsibilities between women and men. Finally, promotion of social dialogue and tripartite participation are also key to achieve cultural change and support family-friendly measures at the workplace.