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Policy Briefs on Domestic Work

Document | 24 May 2011

The Domestic Work Policy Brief series aims to stimulate and inform policy debates on advancing decent work for domestic workers. It provides information on terms and conditions of employment in domestic work, policy issues and different views on these issues, and varied approaches to addressing them around the world.

Remuneration in domestic work (Policy Brief No. 1)

Working hours in domestic work (Policy Brief No. 2)

Measuring the economic and social value of domestic work (Policy Brief No. 3)

Global and regional estimates on domestic workers (Policy Brief No. 4)

Coverage of domestic workers by key working conditions laws (Policy Brief No. 5)

“Meeting the needs of my family too”, maternity protection and work-family measures for domestic workers (Policy Brief No. 6)

Working time of live-in domestic workers (Policy Brief No. 7)

Tags: domestic workers

Regions and countries covered: Global

Unit responsible: Conditions of Work and Equality (WORKQUALITY)

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Policy Briefs on Domestic Work


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