ILO-EC Conference

Inequalities and the world of work: what role for industrial relations and social dialogue?

The purpose of this conference will be to investigate the possible role of social dialogue and social partners and more generally industrial relations to reduce inequalities in the world of work. A particular attention will be paid to the contribution of social partners and social dialogue to reach a better balance between flexibility and security for both the employers and the workers.

The key aim of the Conference is to identify elements of a response to a number of questions:

1. Which countries have succeeded in carrying out the necessary reforms (for instance in the labour market) without generating further inequalities?

2. What type of industrial relations systems seem to perform better in this respect?

3. What type of policy measures, institutions and actors play a determinant role, in particular the social partners and social dialogue to achieve more balanced outcomes?

4. How far could social dialogue help to address the future transformations of the world of work while limiting inequalities?