Data collection on wages and income


ILO Global Wage Database

Data underlying the Global Wage Report are accessible at:

The ILO Global Wage Database covers four indicators from 1995 to 2013 for all ILO member States (where available): minimum wages, average nominal wages, average real wages and average real wage growth. In previous years, the data underlying the Global Wage Report included many additional indicators (e.g. low pay, wage inequality by decile, wages by sex, etc.). However, since the publication of the Global Wage Report 2012/13, the compilation of these indicators has been transferred to the “Yearly indicators” collection of ILOSTAT at: /ilostat).

ILO Working Conditions Laws Database

Legal information on minimum wages is available in the Working Conditions Laws Database, which provides country-specific information not only on the minimum wage rate but also on the procedure of minimum wage fixing, the criteria that are used to determine the minimum wage level, the coverage of minimum wages, specific exemptions or rates, as well as the existing enforcement mechanisms.

ILOSTAT Database

Ilostat: This new ILO database of labour statistics provides multiple datasets with annual and infra-annual labour market statistics for over 100 indicators and 230 countries, areas and territories. The ILO Department of Statistics collects detailed statistics on annual wages by economic activity as well as on wages and labour costs in manufacturing. In addition, occupational wages are collected for 159 occupations through the ILO October Inquiry, which is conducted with reference to the month of October each year by means of questionnaires that are sent to ILO Member States.