Data collection on maternity protection

ILO Working Conditions Laws Database

The Working Conditions Laws Database is the most exhaustive source on maternity protection legislation available internationally. It provides country-specific information on the key dimensions of maternity protection: length of maternity leave, cash and medical benefits as well as their qualifying conditions and the source of funding; health protection; non-discrimination and employment security and breastfeeding upon return to work.

Indicators for “Combining work, family and personal life”

“Combining work, family and personal life” is a substantive element of the Decent Work Agenda. The legal framework indicators for “Combining work, family and personal life” measure the existence and scope of maternity, paternity and parental leave laws. They form part of the indicators developed for Measuring Decent Work.

This section provides a short and comprehensive overview of these legal indicators as contained in the Database of Conditions of Work and Employment Laws on maternity protection. More information is also available in the global report on Maternity at work: A review of national legislation. Second edition (see executive summaries).

The Legal Indicators for “Combining work, family and personal life” include:

Length of Maternity Leave

Level of maternity leave benefits

Source of maternity leave benefits

Length of paternity leave

Length of parental leave

The Office is carrying out developmental work on Maternity Protection Statistical Indicators to measure coverage of women workers in law and in practice.