Convention 189 and Recommendation 201

A new set of international standards for domestic workers

In June 2011, the government, worker and employer delegates of the ILO adopted the Convention 189 and the Recommendation 201 on Decent Work for Domestic Workers, aimed at improving the working and living conditions of tens of millions of domestic workers worldwide.

These new standards are a strong recognition of the economic and social value of domestic work and a call for action to address the existing exclusions of domestic workers from labour and social protection. Given that most domestic workers are women, the new standards are an important step to advance gender equality in the world of work and ensure women’s equal rights and protection under the law.

You will find below the official texts of these international standards:

Convention No. 189 (C189)

Recommendation No. 201 (R201)

The following brochure presents the provisions of C189 and R201:

C189 & R201 at a glance