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Staff list

Document | 14 December 2009





Mr. P. Marcadent



Ms. C. Piper

Head secretary


Ms. C. Thompson

Administrative Assistant


Ms. G. Domon



Ms. M. Aleksynska

Economist, Labour Market Specialist


Mr. P. Belser

Senior Economist, Wage Specialist


Ms. J. Berg

Senior Economist, Labour Market Specialist


Mr. J. De Laiglesia

Economist, Labour Market Specialist


Mr. V. De Stefano

Technical Officer, Non-Standard Forms of Employment


Mr. N. Ghosheh

Legal Officer, Working Conditions


Ms. S. Hayter

Senior Labour Relations & Collective Bargaining Specialist


Ms. C. Hobden

Technical Officer, Working Conditions, Domestic Work


Ms. M. Humblet

Legal Specialist on Working Conditions


Ms. A. King-Dejardin

Senior Technical Specialist, Domestic Workers


Mr. C-H. Lee

Senior Labour Relations and Collective Bargaining Specialist


Mr. J. Messenger

Specialist, Working Conditions


Ms. K. Sobeck

Economist, Wage Officer


Mr. D. Vaughan-Whitehead

Senior Economist, Labour Policies Specialist


Ms. R. Vazquez-Alvarez

Economist, Labour Market and Wage Policies specialist


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Staff list


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