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January 2020

  1. Interactions between Workers’ Organizations and Workers in the Informal Economy: A Compendium of Practice

    30 January 2020

    The Compendium of Practice is a compilation of concrete examples, drawn from around the world, showing how trade unions have sought to reach out to workers in the informal economy to reduce the decent work deficits they face and support their transition to formality.

December 2019

  1. Negotiating for decent working time - a review of practice

    10 December 2019

    This Issue Brief gives an overview of the regulation of working time through collective agreements in different regions of the world and outlines innovative solutions by the bargaining partners. It presents practices from various countries, which can advance a human-centered approach to the regulation of working time through collective bargaining.

November 2019

  1. Centenary of Convention No. 1 - Event flyer

    06 November 2019

  2. The Centenary of Convention No 1: A Landmark for Workers' Rights

August 2019

  1. Global Knowledge-Sharing Forum: Transition to Formal Economy - 3rd edition

  2. Decent Work for Domestic Workers

    There has been increasing recognition, nationally and internationally, of the economic and social contribution made by domestic workers and of the need to improve their living and working conditions. This course is a response to this global call for action. It aims to promote inter-regional dialogue among the different actors involved in the promotion of decent work for domestic workers, and to enhance institutional capacities to ensure that they are adequately protected.

July 2019

  1. Regulatory options for conflicts of law and jurisdictional issues in the on-demand economy

    08 July 2019

June 2019

  1. Women and men in the informal economy: a statistical brief

    28 June 2019

    This is a joint publication by WIEGO and the ILO. It is a brief version of the 3rd edition of Women and Men in the Informal Economy: A Statistical Picture (ILO 2018).

  2. Tackling Vulnerability in the Informal Economy

    27 June 2019

May 2019

  1. Guide to developing balanced working time arrangements (mobi)

    28 May 2019