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ILO and GALLUP Co-organized Seminar ~Towards a Better Future for Women and Work~

The ILO and GALLUP together with the Japan Association for Advancement of ILO Activities Seminar:

Towards a Better Future for Women and Work
              Voices of Women and Men
How can we make the world of work a more gender equitable place?

In order to understand what constitutes the decent lives that women want and need, and the support of and the negotiation with men, ILO and Gallup conducted a global poll in over 140 countries to get sound, first-hand evidence - from both women and men. Experts and practitioners joined for discussions, based on the data from the survey conducted globally and in Japan in 2016, to identify the challenges and opportunities in the implementation of gender policies as well as good practices for a better future for women and work in Japan. 

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  • Presentation of Ms. Susan Maybud, Senior Gender Specialist, Equality and Diversity Branch of the ILO, Geneva
Ms. Susan Maybud

  • Presentation of Ms. Joni Simpson, Senior Specialist, Gender, Equality and Non-Discrimination, ILO DWT for East and South-East Asia and the Pacific
Ms. Joni Simpson
Panel Discussion