Japan’s support for ILO technical cooperation: Cooperation through UN Funds

UN Trust Fund for Human Security

In December 1998, Mr. Keizo Obuchi, the then Prime Minister of Japan, announced the establishment of the UN Trust Fund for Human Security in his policy speech in Hanoi. By 2013, various countries contributed a total of 42.8 billion yen, including the contribution of 7.1 billion yen by the Japanese government in 1999. The objective of this Fund is to realize the idea of human security into tangible activities by the United Nations and other international organizations and tackles a wide range of threats with which the international community is currently faced, including poverty, environmental destruction, conflicts, land mines, refugees, narcotics, HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases, and ensure the survival, lives, and dignity of human beings.

The ILO receives contributions from the Fund in areas such as prevention of human trafficking, elimination of child labour, conflict prevention, and livelihood security to build peace.

For details, please visit the Trust Fund for Human Security  (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan).