My Guide to Overseas Employment: For i-Kiribati Graduates

The Guide to Overseas Employment is a companion guide to the My Guide to Employment for Young People in the Pacific, which was produced by the ILO in 2013.

The Guide, produced under the EU-funded Pacific Climate Change and Migration Project, is a practical tool for i-Kiribati which provides key information to help potential migrants understand some of the steps that are required to find a job overseas, including Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan and the Cook Islands (which have been identified as potential destination countries by the Kiribati Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development).

The Guide is intended for graduates, or those who are currently completing their studies and would like to know more about opportunities abroad. In particular, it is specifically focussed on current students and graduates of Kiribati Institute of Technology and other technical colleges in Kiribati, and provides information on employment in trades occupations as well as hospitality and community care. Employment in seafaring and fisheries has specific rules that are not specifically covered in this Guide. The Guide also does not focus on seasonal worker programmes.