Know About Business (KAB) Training Workshop Report, 19–27 November 2014

The development of the SYOB and KAB Courses was supported by the Tackling Child Labour through Education (TACKLE) programme, funded by the European Union and coordinated by the International Labour Organization (ILO). It is currently supported by the ILO Sub Regional Child Labour and Trafficking Programme.

The ILO promotes the importance of Entrepreneurship Education as part of a lifelong learning strategy, starting at an early age, that can contribute to increased youth employability by building an entrepreneurial mind-set, positive attitudes, self-confidence, knowledge and skills needed to adapt to today’s changing labour market needs and to become responsible, active and productive citizens.

The ILO’s entrepreneurship education programme Know About Business (KAB) responds to the needs of member countries that intend to introduce entrepreneurship education at secondary education, vocational and technical education and higher education levels. KAB is a comprehensive set of training materials and an interactive learning methodology that has been implemented and adapted in over 50 countries around the world. KAB encourages young people to consider self-employment as a possible career path. Learners exposed to KAB will become aware of the role of enterprises and entrepreneurs in the society and those who consider entrepreneurship as a career option will learn how to face the challenges of managing a small business.

The overall objective of the KAB workshop were:
- To provide KAB training to participants from the Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts and the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Fiji as well as from the Vanuatu Institute of Technology

- To provide KAB Facilitators the opportunity to train with International KAB Trainer Professor Robert Nelson with the aim of becoming National KAB Facilitators